Travel Diary: Road Trip to Canada “Vlog” TRAVEL | May 19, 2017 I hope this will move you, inspire you and captivate your hearts. continue reading and watch the video after … May 13 of 2016, My best friend and I were so excited to pack up our bags and say bye-bye to Virginia and hello to […]

Eat What Makes Your Soul Happy  LIFESTYLE | May 7, 2017 My Roses, Happy Sunday , if you have been following me on Snapchat  You’ll know that Sunday means breakfast in bad, healthy smoothie, good book, and great face mask. Sunday is a great day to rest and recover from a stressful week, also rejuvenate and […]

3 EASY HOMEMADE ACNE FACIAL MASKS! BEAUTY | April 26, 2017 My Roses! You all know how obsessed I am with face masks, and taking good care of my skin. I try to always find time to take care of my skin. It makes me feel special. I call it “ME TIME”. We only have one […]

BRUSH OFF YOUR CELLULITE BEAUTY | April 19, 2017 Hello beautiful people, Today’s blog is going to be different from any other blog post I wrote. It’s about cellulites. yes don’t we all hate them so bad. Why do women mostly suffer from cellulite can be understood by the fact that the female hormones progesterone and […]

lovers pancake FOOD | LIFESTYLE | MARCH 05, 2017 It’s cold outside and it feels like winter has just arrived. It’s March and I am so ready for spring. It looks like like spring is refusing to visit.  Since its really cold outside, I decided to stay home and make some Pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancake […]

 LET’S CELEBRATE  An easy way to celebrate the holiday – or even a simple gathering of friends– is to offer a festive holiday drink. When I think of holidays, I think pomegranate, cranberry, cinnamon and rosemary. I am excited to share with you this festive Pomegranate Drop with Lime and Rosemary. Feasting at Home. There is really no […]

Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes FOOD LIFESTYLE | November 27, 2016   Oh How I love Sundays, They are great for breakfast in bed. I love to make pancakes on Sundays, and I thought its the perfect time of the year to make these pumpkin pancakes, let me start by telling how deliciously my kitchen smelled while making […]

3 Days In Paris  LIFESTYLE TRAVEL | OCTOBER 6, 2015 I’m so excited!!! I finally have time to share some of the pictures and my diary whenI visited Paris. Paris: the city that takes too many lifetimes to see. Too bad I was there for short time. My first 2 days there were spent in bed, […]

Raisins & Almond no-bake Energy Bites. Food LIFESTYLE| NOVEMBER 1, 2016 My world current revolving around snacks. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or mid afternoon, we all need a little energy booster at some point during the day. Coffee or surgery energy drinks, can be a solution. I think I found a better way […]

10 WAYS TO INCLUDE COCONUT OIL IN YOUR DAILY BEAUTY ROUTINE Beauty|24 October 2016 My loves!   As you know, I am always trying to eat natural /organic to keep fit and healthy. And of course I found away to include that in to my beauty routine. Coconut oil became an essential for me. I had to do […]

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