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BEAUTY | April 19, 2017

Hello beautiful people,

Today’s blog is going to be different from any other blog post I wrote. It’s about cellulites. yes don’t we all hate them so bad.

Why do women mostly suffer from cellulite can be understood by the fact that the female hormones progesterone and estrogen are considered to be the main causes of cellulite. While estrogen hormone leads to the problem of connective tissues by promoting formation as well as expansion of fat cells, progesterone hormone leads to weak veins, fluid retention, and weight gain. Sometimes though, cellulite may result from such other factors as smoking, stress, obesity, pregnancy, lack of exercise, rough harsh massages as well as genetics. Cellulite can happen whether you’re heavy or thin. Women are more likely to get it than men. Other things that can bring it on:

  • Poor diet
  • Fad dieting
  • Slow metabolism
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Hormone changes
  • Dehydration
  • Total body fat
  • Thickness and color of your skin.

So here are some tips and home remedies to help get rid of these unwanted lumps.

Few Home romedies & tips to reduce Cellulites:

1. Make Coffee Scrub to Get Rid of Cellulite

it works as an excellent exfoliating agent and removes dead skin cells to give your skin new and healthy cells. The skin tightening effects of coffee also smoothen the skin. It is said that coffee scrub also enhances fat metabolism and removes fat and liquid from your skin to get you rid of cellulite.

  • Coffee grounds- ¼ cup
  • Sugar (or brown sugar)- 3 tbsp
  • Coconut oil or olive oil- 2-3 tbsp

Mix everything and massage with circular motions and ensure you don’t press too hard, this can lead to bruising.

2. Try Dry Brushing to Remove Cellulite

Dry brushing is perhaps the most effective home remedies for cellulite removal. When you rub a dry brush onto your dry skin, you help tighten the epidermis and also in breaking up the toxic material which makes up the cellulite. This also helps to remove dead skin and increase blood circulation. Be sure to find the right brush (Get a brush whose bristles are made of natural material). To see great result dry brush every day or even twice a day. Also Do not, do not ever brush forth and back nor in circular motion. Always brush towards your heart. Take shower right after dry brushing.

3.Tangerine Essential Oil for Cellulite Removal

Tangerine essential oil helps to increase blood circulation which prevents lymphatic and fat deposits under skin. t is a detoxifying oil and you, by now, know this very well how detoxification removes impurities and toxins from your skin to get you rid of cellulite’s.

Dilute 4-5 drops tangerine oil with 1 tbsp olive.  massage your skin with oil mix for about 10-15 minutes daily. Please take precaution not to step out in sun just after applying this oil to your skin as it makes your skin photosensitive.

4- Consume Omega 3

like Cod liver oil, Salmon and other such fish (not fried though), and Flax and olive oil

5-Drink Plenty of Water:

Drinking water helps you get rid of body toxins. Hydrate the skin and smooths out the texture– drink 3 litres of water a day (minimum).

Reduce Stress – Being overstressed will throw you hormones out of whack, you have to be proactive with how you deal with stress

6-Squat With Calf Raise:

1. STAND with feet hip-width apart. Bend at the knees and hips to lower down until thighs are parallel to the floor.

2. STAND up, then lift your heels and shift weight onto the balls of your feet. Lower your heels to return to starting position. Do 15 reps


Squat With Calf Raise



Don’t Give Up

You will keep hearing that “it’s genetics”, “even athletes get cellulite”, or “I’ve tried everything”. Don’t fall for this negative approach written by frustrated people looking to give up. In each of these cases people do some things to fix cellulite but are always missing at least one key component to the remedy.

They definitely haven’t tried everything, not by far. The approach is simple. Do it for yourself and you will no doubt see a great change in the appearance of your cellulite.

Remember that health and fitness is a way of life, and it’s a great way of life too.

My last tip is to always remember to celebrate your strengths, speak to your highest self, be kind to yourself, Love Who You Are.

I’m looking forward to reading your feedbacks and suggestions!!



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