How to Deal with Jet Lag
Posted on: September 3, 2017, by : Zhor

How to Deal with Jet Lag

Lifestyle| September 03 , 2017

As you may know I have left the USA 3 days ago, and I am in Morocco, My homeland :). Dealing with jet lag is not a joke… lol. I thought it will be good idea to share with you how I overcome jet log.

What is jet lag: Jet lag is caused by disrupting your circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that regulates sleep and waking. This clock is a tiny group of cells in the brain: the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus. It’s controlled by light and dark and the hormone melatonin, which is produced when it gets dark and controls our body temperature while we sleep.

These tips worked well for me:

1- Plan ahead: 

To avoid jet lag, if at all possible, try to select a flight that will arrive in the late afternoon or early evening.  Chances are that you’ll be able to force yourself to stay awake for at least 4-6 hours, and then when you head to bed, you’ll be much closer to getting yourself on local time. Avoid naps, short naps likely to turn into a four-hour nap, and throw off your entire sleep schedule for the next night. read here 10 commandments to sleep tight on your flight.

2-Hydrate like never before:

Drink as much water as you can handle…. before during and after your flight because dehydration makes jet lag symptoms much much worse. Also try to stick to eating protein and vegetables as much as possible – you’ll be far less lethargic than if you were to eat pasta, pretzels, and candy.


Once you’re on board your flight, change your watch right away to reflect the time at your destination.


Get outside and get some exercise, even if it’s just a light walk. You want to get your blood pumping and help to tire you out. A swim in the ocean or a pool is absolutely great idea.

Also its very important to hydrate the face and body after a long flight.

5-Take a hot bath before bedtime:

A bath can ease sore muscles from travel and help you relax and wind down. The drop in your body temperature when you get out of a bath may also make you sleepy.

6-Don’t Forget about your skin: 

Because airplane conditions have such low humidity, it’s especially important to moisturize after your cleanse. Apply a hydrating moisturizer mid-flight (even if you have oily skin!). Dry air can cause skin to over-produce oil, which often causes acne breakouts. Try keeping your skin moisturized with a product that contains vitamin E throughout the flight to help solve this problem.

Besides moisturizer, hydrating spray is another great way to keep your skin moisturized on long trips. Try packing a travel-sized Evian spray or rose-water spray to mist your skin throughout the flight. Also hydrate.

I hope these tips will help you quickly get over jet lag on your next trip!  If you have any other favorite tips, I’d love to hear them!







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